“A noodle soup without fish sauce is like a person without charisma.”

Villiam Thanasak

Qualified civil and industrial engineer

As the executive director, he is responsible for marketing strategies and sales planning.

  • Myopic, but certainly not lacking foresight when it comes to business.
  • His music preferences lie somewhere between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Salt-N-Pepa.
  • Has a whole collection of Apple products which is only surpassed by his recent sortiment of Xiaomi devices.
  • Excels in turning theory into practice.
  • His favourite food is Phở bò, the iconic Vietnamese beef and rice noodle soup dish.

“Don‘t listen to people who keep telling you that your ideas are impossible to implement.“


Bank officer

Procurator, responsible for general business operations, Food & Beverage Management, as well as quality management.

  • … is small but thinks big.
  • For her, there is no such thing as an unsolvable problem.
  • Her mindset when she wakes up in the morning: “Today will be a better day than yesterday.“
  • Her Fishdom high score can‘t be beaten by mere mortals.
  • Tam Mak Hung, the spicy Lao papaya salad, is her favourite food. “The spicier, thebetter“, as she tends to say.

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."


System Catering Specialist

Training to become management assistant

  • Loves watching historical K-Dramas and baking, simultaneously
  • Passionate about Asian cuisine
  • Her favourite dish is the Vietnamese fried pancake Bánh Xèo

“In a fair and free society, there is no reason not to take a stand on things you believe in.”



  • He is a simplistic and minimalist, but a maximalist when it comes to philanthropy

  • His favorite dish is chicken with broccoli

“Success always starts with the first step.”


Trainee Office Management Assistant

  • is an ultimate foodie and Instagram queen
  • has more Instagram followers than Mémoires d’Indochine
  • Her favorite dishes are Pasta and Mi Gati

“Don’t wait for people to smile at you, show it to them!”


Trainee Hospitality Professional

  • He is introverted and a fun-loving person
  • He stays fit through playing soccer and volleyball
  • His favorite dish is Phở Bò

“Cook with love, eat with appetite, and laugh with friends!”


Trainee Hospitality Professional

  • Loves K-Pop and V-Pop
  • Cooking is an art, enjoying is too
  • Her favorite dish is chicken with rice

“Only those who know their destination will find the way!”


Trainee Hospitality Professional

  • aka DYLAN
  • Nothing calms his soul more than a walk by the sea
  • For him, books are like cookies. Once he starts, he can’t stop devouring them
  • His favorite dish is Phở Gà

“You cannot think negatively and expect positive results.”


Trainee Hospitality Professional

  • aka KAI
  • For him, photography is the power of seeing
  • Traveling also helps him change his perspective
  • His favorite dish is spaghetti

"Be kind to me, I'll cook for you with love!"


Trainee Kitchen Professional

  • aka LUC
  • cooks passionately 
  • His favorite dish is Phở Bò

"Life is too short to eat bad food and not travel the world."

Trong Ninh Trinh

Trainee Kitchen Professional

  • His favorite activity is pampering friends and family with delicious meals.
  • His strengths are: cooking (especially Vietnamese cuisine), playing soccer, singing
  • His weaknesses are: lack of control when eating (especially with Bánh đa cua, Phở, Bún chả), sometimes too much confidence when singing in the shower.

"Modesty, honesty, diligence and progressiveness are the ingredients for a successful and satisfied life."

Quang Anh PHAM

Trainee Hospitality Professional​

  • In his spare time, he enjoys reading thrilling novels and mysteries, with his favorite book being the classic “Sherlock Holmes.”
  • He is always looking for new challenges and is constantly trying to improve his knowledge and skills.
  • One of his passions is learning new languages and discovering global culture.

"A good meal is like a melody that you don't forget."

Quang Anh PHAM

Trainee Kitchen Professional

  • When he’s not listening to hip hop, rap, and ballads, he enjoys taking walks and appreciating nature
  • His talent lies in finding the perfect blend of ingredients without relying on a scale or measuring cup. With this skill, he has already conjured up many dishes and delighted his guests
  • His favorite foods are pizza, grilled chicken, and bún chả

"I won't catch rabbits on a leash."


Chief Security Officer

  • aka MAXI
  • is always highly concentrated at work and is always on the lookout.
  • His favorite dish is chicken filet chewing sausage